Cracked Foundation Repair

Cracked Foundation Repair

Foundation crack(s) that resulted from a footing that had settled. The stair step cracks are a result of the brick and block pulling away from each other. In Wake County, it’s not uncommon for this type of foundation movement or settlement due to soil conditions under your footing.

Helical pier technology will work perfect for this type of foundation repair seen in the video. Cost=roughly 1,000 dollars per pier labor and materials. Lifetime warranty.

Note: 6 months ago, the cracks were much more visible. This demonstrates how soils expand and contract and are somewhat seasonal as they react to moisture changes. We did have one door that was starting to rub at the top of the jamb. It doesn’t take much movement to take a door out of adjustment or for a new drywall cracks to occur. Not a big deal. Once the Helical piers are installed your foundation will be adjusted back to “level”.

Make sure your foundation has good drainage away from the perimeter. Check your gutters and beds, make sure everything is in good order. This will help avoid unnecessary stress and movement on your foundation. Sometimes you can do everything right, and still have a footing settle on you.

Seldom are foundation cracks classified as significant structural problems. Call an engineer and/or interview at least 3 foundation repair contractors. Get good counsel before you spend money towards addressing a foundation issue. Educate yourself first,- understand what you are seeing. Then make sure you understand the repair method and warranties.

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