Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Lexington, NC

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Bill B.’ s home Lexington, NC had a few foundation related problems that he knew should be taken care of sooner than later.
His dirt-floored crawl space was treated the conventional way: open vents and a thin poly sheet lining the floor to act as a vapor barrier. And just like every crawl space treated in that fashion, it had all the typical problems found in NC crawl spaces: high humidity, mold, smells and — to make matters worse — the moisture had weakened the floor joists and the floor above the crawl was sagging.
There were also signs of foundation settlement. He need to get professional help right away.
“I did what any red blooded American would do these days: I went on the Internet and started looking.Just making sure that the job was done properly and done in a very professional manner was our major concern.”
That is how he found Tar Heel Basement Systems. H was very impressed by our system design specialist who performed a very detailed inspection and gave them a very thorough explanation of what the problems were, and what were the available solutions.
The crawl space was sealed, insulated and conditioned to get rid of the moisture. An energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier monitors and controls relative humidity year-round.
The sagging joists are now stabilized, and supported by SmartJacksā„¢.
The foundation settlement problem was corrected with foundation piers: steel piles that are driven into the soil until they reach bedrock or a load bearing strata and then used to stabilize the foundation, and is most cases, lift it back into its original position.
“I would describe your company as a professional company that knows what it is doing, comes in, gets the job done, does what it says it is gonna do, and goes beyond and treats you as a valued customer — someone that they want to do work for and they appreciate the business and therefore they respect your property and they take good care of it while they’re doing their job. ” — concludes Bill.

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