Crawlspace Foundation Repair Denver

Crawlspace Foundation Repair Denver

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Foundation Repair Denver – Repairing and Waterproofing crawlspace concrete foundation wall.

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1. Repairing and Waterproofing entire crawlspace concrete foundation wall (interior portion of crawlspace foundation wall and exterior portion where dirt/concrete will be excavated)
– Excavating dirt and concrete as needed to access outer/exterior portion of concrete foundation wall
– Injecting polyurethane concrete patch repair to all cracks 1/2 inch or greater
– Applying high grade rapid set mortar as needed to all cracks
– Applying waterproofing sealer along entire exterior portion of concrete foundation wall that is exposed from dirt excavation
– Adding plastic as needed along entire exterior concrete foundation wall
– Installing french drain to channel the water away from house (along entire perimeter of concrete foundation wall)
– Back filling dirt as needed

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