Dallas Fort Worth Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Dallas Fort Worth Steel Pier Foundation Repair

For steel pier foundation repair in the DFW metroplex, including Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano and Irving, contact HD Foundations. Consult with HD Foundations about having foundation repair using steel piers in the DFW area.


Video Transcription:

“Hello and welcome to HD Foundations.
Today we are taking a look at Steel Foundation Repair.
Let’s get started.

Here are a few Pros of Steel Piers.
They can be installed in Deep Soil, Up to 75 Feet
Due to the strength of Steel, they have superior durability to Concrete Foundation
As they are installed down to the bedrock, they cannot move around within the soil.

Here are some Factors of the Installation cost of Steel Piers:

The Quantity of Steel Piers directly affects the cost.
How deep the piers need to be installed will also determine the cost.
If Interior piers are needed in addition to exterior piers, it can increase the cost.
Lastly, the market price of steel will also be a factor.

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