Foundation Repair 602-418-2970 Glendale Arizona

Foundation Repair 602-418-2970 Glendale Arizona 602-418-2970.
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Interior wall crack, in boys room is consistent with moisture amounts from poor landscaping and water runoff from roof, enough to move foundation stem wall down at south side back yard area. Large vertical cracks are also present near window frame and east at patio extension Glendale Arizona.

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East side backyard area excessive moisture and or settling is causing movement responsible for the 2 large vertical fractures. It is recommended the landscaping be adequate to relieve these moisture issues if present.

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This foundation is of post tension and is helping to stabilize the stem wall. If the water issues are not corrected the interior floor slabs will start to crack and heave upwards. The stress fracture in the boys room will continue to pull away from the roof structure. This may cause roof and water damages to the interior of the home. Call Belville Foundation Repair Glendale Arizona.

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