Foundation Repair Cost: Boonville IN – 812-853-6852 (Indiana)

Foundation Repair Cost: Boonville IN – 812-853-6852 (Indiana)

Foundation Repair Cost: Boonville IN – 812-853-6852 (Indiana)
Foundation Repair Cost: Boonville IN

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MCF Construction has been providing basement repair services in this area for over 27 years. We have solutions to keep your basement dry, your furnishings safe and protect the air quality in your home.

Foundation Repair Cost: Boonville IN – 812-853-6852 (Indiana)
By: MCF Construction, Inc.

You should expect a foundation repair company to address every element contributing to your foundation’s failure. Several environmental factors can lead to the shifting and settling of your house, as well as mine subsidence. Count on us to thoroughly inspect the soil, topography and landscaping features that may be adding to the problem. Then depend on us to fix it.

We offer free, on-site inspections and foundation repair estimates. Our team has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are a member of the National Association of Home Builders. Our technicians can “stop cracks in their tracks,” and restore the structural stability of your house with:

• Foundation crack repair
• Foundation restoration
• Foundation lifting
• Pier work
• Mine Subsidence

Do Your Need House Foundation Repair?

Every building will settle over time, as the weight of the structure compacts the soil beneath it. Too much settling or shifting can cause serious structural damage that can render your home uninhabitable.

Knowing the symptoms of foundation failure is critical to addressing it, so review the list below. You may need foundation repair if you have noticed any of the following:

• Uneven or sloping floors
• Cracks in flooring, tile work, drywall, or brick veneers.
• Doors and windows that stick or no longer function
• Gaps around window and door framing
• Loosened, misaligned and falling trim work
• Leaning walls (inward and outward)
• Cracks and bowing in foundation walls
• Water leaking into the basement

We’ll assess the issues you are facing and let you know how foundation crack repair and restoration can save your home.

Soil, Settlement and Shifting:

The type of soil on which your house is built will have a great influence on your foundation. Soil quality — its composition and compaction — are the two main factors that affect the structural stability of your home. And it is usually a problem involving one or both that leads to the need for foundation restoration.

Composition — Soil comes in several varieties: expansive clay, sand, sandy loam and rock. And each soil type or combination presents its own set of challenges. Expansive clay, for instance, will increase in volume and expand when it is saturated. It will contract when the water content of the soil evaporates during the summer or periods of drought. Soil expansion will cause extreme lateral pressure to be placed on foundation walls, causing them to bow and/or crack. Soil contraction will cause settling and diminish the home’s stability as it dries up and pulls away.

Compaction — The density of the soil beneath your home is important for structural stability. Density can be affected by water saturation, decomposition of organic materials and the collapse of old mine shafts, known as mine subsidence. Sandy soil combinations in addition to silt, clay and organic materials are prone to erosion, as well. When eroding or collapsing soil is involved, significant measures must always be taken to do foundation repair.

Pier work and foundation lifting may be needed. Our certified team can give you a professional assessment and a free on-site estimate.


The soil beneath your home can also be significantly compromised due to mine and water breakouts. These situations occur when old mine shafts fill with water and saturate or erode the soil from the bottom up. Mine subsidence can lead to troughs and sinkholes that could literally swallow your house whole. So if you have noticed any soft spots in your yard or potholes appearing out of nowhere on your property, contact our team for a free inspection and a foundation repair estimate.

We Service The Following Areas: Newburgh (IN), Evansville (IN), Boonville (IN) and Surrounding Areas.

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