Foundation Repair Decatur AL 256-580-3210 Allied Foundation and CrawlSpace Solutions

Foundation Repair Decatur AL 256-580-3210 Allied Foundation and CrawlSpace Solutions

Foundation repair for your home in Decatur, Alabama, or the surrounding Tennessee Valley shouldn’t be left to just anyone. Allied Foundation and Crawlspace Solutions is a properly licensed and insured foundation contractor who is rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau.

Do you suspect your foundation needs repair? There are lots of signs such as cracked walls or doors that won’t close properly. Squeaking, bulging or drooping, sagging floors are signs of a foundation in distress. North Alabama weather conditions can range from extended draughts to lots of rain and temperatures from 100 degrees down to zero.

Depending on the age of your home, soil and weather conditions, as well as the type of home construction, you may find yourself dealing with foundation issues. Decatur area home foundations are susceptible to all the elements of nature. In the majority of cases, the problem lies in the soils the house is built on, the contour and shape of the surrounding landscaping, and how well water runoff is addressed.

Every year, according to statistics, over a quarter-million homeowners are faced with the prospect of having to repair the foundation of their home. Once your foundation begins to exhibit damage and starts to lose stability, risks of further damage significantly increase unless you undertake repair quickly.

Since 2005, Allied Foundation and Crawlspace Solutions has been dedicated to top rate concrete restoration and structural repairs around Decatur, Huntsville, Madison County, and extended areas from Scottsboro to Florence, and down through Birmingham. Our “customer first” approach shows in everything we do, from the initial price quote to project completion and clean up.

Signs that you may need foundation repair:

Leaning chimneys
Cracked exterior brick work
Cracking inside walls
Uneven, speaking floors
Sticking doors and windows

Allied Foundation and Crawlspace Solutions will help you protect your Decatur, Alabama home from soil settling or other conditions that can cause long term damage. Call us at 256-580-3210 for a free inspection and consultation.


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