Home Foundation Repair Using PierTech Helical Piles – Crack Repair

Home Foundation Repair Using PierTech Helical Piles – Crack Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Overview for Homeowners

Foundation problems, be they cracked walls or sinking foundations, can dramatically reduce the value of your home. If your home starts to suffer from sinking due to construction, on poor soil, or has simply failed to stand the test of time, we engineer cost effective and efficient helical piers and piering systems to stabilize the foundations of your home. Making your family home safe and secure once again is our top aim.

Our helical piers have been tested and refined in the tough training grounds of commercial construction. Relied upon by architects, construction companies and builders around the United States, the PierTech range of foundation repair solutions are a complete answer to a complex problem.

Making use of our extensive catalog of products, additional support is added beneath the foundations with hydraulically installed helical anchors to prevent further settlement. With the proper pier placement and installation using the patented Tru-Lift bracket: elevation losses due to settlement can be recovered, generally closing foundation cracks in the brickwork.

After the home is secure, every effort is made to return site and landscaping to the original condition. While 100% recovery is not always possible, PierTech has the knowledge and equipment to accomplish the best possible results making your home look as good as new.

Our concrete repair solutions will return your home to full value.

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