How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Houston – 713-489-1108

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Houston – 713-489-1108

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost – Call 713-489-1108 for Free Quote.

Angel Construction and Foundation Repair is a company you can feel comfortable calling to request a free estimate on finding out what repairs if any your home needs. They will check the interior and exterior of your home; check the elevations to see if the house slab has sunk or raised.


If you are seeing signs of foundation problems inside or outside your home. Stair step type cracks on the outside brick? Hair line cracks in your interior walls (sheetrock). Are some of your doors difficult to open or close? Windows that are sticking? Tile floors popping. Uneven floors, An in-explainable spike in your water bill?

Give our foundation repair company a call and request a free evaluation. We will come out to your property at the scheduled time. It will take us approximately one to one and a half hours to complete our expert analysis of any foundation problems. If your house is in need of leveling. We will provide you with a written estimate outlining the areas of the slab (front, side, back, corner of the house, interior areas, etc.) where we will need to make corrections to the home’s slab foundation.

Our foundation specialists will address the homeowner’s questions and concerns on how much it will cost to complete the foundation repair to your home.

We will let you know if there are any additional repair costs if we need to repair a crack in the slab. In some cases, there may be the need to tunnel under the house slab to reach broken plumbing pipes. Leaky water or sewer pipes over time can diminish the soil underneath the concrete slab which causes settlement and could cause the house to sink or lift. Tunneling under the slab allows for the plumber to reach the areas under the kitchen, utility room, bathroom or area where the leak were identified. Once the plumbing repair is complete. The excavation area is properly back filled with dirt/soil. Angel’s crew are experienced at hand digging trenches, access holes, tunneling, etc.

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Foundations that have been built on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or have been poorly maintained can have serious damage as the foundation settles and moves. If you see signs of foundation problems, things like cracks in walls or doors that won’t close properly, it is important to talk to a professional right away. Damaged foundations that are not repaired quickly can lead not only to irreparable damage, but to structures that are unsafe. (source: homeadvisor)

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