How to Fix Horizontal Foundation Cracks and Bowing Basement Walls | Ask the Expert

How to Fix Horizontal Foundation Cracks and Bowing Basement Walls | Ask the Expert | 1-800-606-6859

Rod Martin, a basement waterproofing, crawl space and foundation repair expert from Complete Basement Systems of Colorado answers the most frequently asked questions concerning the proper solutions for all types of problems in these areas.

“Can anything be done to fix a horizontal wall crack?” — Eddie in Silver Plume, CO

From the Denver, Colorado area all the way into the Wyoming border, the soil tends to expand when it rains, exerting an enormous amount of pressure against the foundation walls, along with hydrostatic pressure resulting from the accumulation of the water in the soil around the foundation walls.

Homes in this area were mostly built between the 1950s and the early 1980s. The walls are either not as thick as they need to be, or there is no rebar to hold the structure together. Under pressure, they begin to show signs of structural damage. It usually starts with horizontal or stair-step cracks. If left untreated, the walls will begin to bow, or in some cases, tilt inwards from the top.

Homeowners mistakenly believe that when this happen, they have no recourse but to replace the entire wall, which is an extremely disruptive and expensive process. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, the walls can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and with almost no disruption.

Complete Basement Systems of Colorado offers technologies to repair horizontal cracks, stabilize and restore structural integrity, and even pull bowing and tilting basement walls back into their original position! In over 14 years repairing foundation walls, Rod Martin only encountered one situation in which the walls couldn’t be fixed and actually had to be replaced. Homeowners are often pleasantly surprised to find out that fixing their basement wall problems is actually way more affordable than they thought!

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