Oxidized Reinforcement Rebar Damage – Concrete Repairman LLC – Foundation Repair

Oxidized Reinforcement Rebar Damage – Concrete Repairman LLC – Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Company in Phoenix Arizona.

Hi I’m James Belville the owner of Concrete Repairman LLC. in Phoenix Arizona. http://www.ConcreteRepairman.com

This is the type of problems that happen when moisture reaches the rebar in stem wall, monolithic, and post tension slabs and foundation footings.

Our foundation repairs fallow through with digging out the dirt next to the stem wall footing. Demo broken concrete, then the epoxy rust inhibitor goes on, or we remove the section and replace. After the patching, we waterproof all our work, and paint all the way down the foundation vertical wall as well. Compact the dirt back. We provide the most comprehensive repair, unlike the other guys. And we charge less.

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We service Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas of Arizona.

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