RamJack American Leveling Foundation Repair – Oklahoma City

RamJack American Leveling Foundation Repair – Oklahoma City

Welcome to American Leveling Company our foundation contractors are proud to help you maintain the most vital structural element of your home or business. We are an authorized dealer of the Ram Jack Foundation Repair systems and provide an unbeatable warranty.

Structures may have been built with the most modern technology and high quality materials however, with changing temperatures and varying rainfall totals the Oklahoma clay soils alter even the strongest foundations, leading to cracking and shifting. American Leveling Company offers the Ram Jack system, which is the permanent solution for your foundation repair.

The Ram Jack Foundation Repair systems use a patented piling system that has been well tested and is of the highest quality. Helical piles, underpinning, and more all work together to restore the stability of your building. If you are embarking on a new construction project, we also offer pre-construction piers to ensure the strength of your foundation.

Foundation failure is a problem that only gets worse with time. By calling American Leveling Company sooner rather than later, you can save serious complications as well as money.

American Leveling Company will be happy to provide business or home foundation repair in the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas. Call today to learn more and set up a free inspection.

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