Texpro Foundation Repair Dallas – Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair

Texpro Foundation Repair Dallas – Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair – Commercial & Residential (http://www.texprofoundationrepair.com)

Professional foundation repair services for both commercial and residential purposes are successfully done by Texpro Foundation Repair in Dallas. Ignoring the foundation work can lead to greater problems as a faulty foundation can damage the basic structure. The damage can further lead to cracks in the walls and the roof causing leakages.

Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life and that is important enough to take care of it with proper and timely maintenance and repairs. Texpro Foundation Repair in Dallas is the right company for all types of foundation repairs. The company has earned its reputation by handling all types of foundation issues successfully.

The foundation repairs involve a few procedures that have been explained here briefly:
Soil Stabilization – altering the properties of the soil for strength and durability.
Drainage – Appropriate drainage can prevent future foundation problems.
Wall Anchoring – Use of galvanized steel plate extensions from foundation and/or basement wall hooked to stable soil area locking the wall securely.
Steel Piers – Hydraulically pressed double walled segmented steel pilings of 4 inch diameter and half inch thickness.
Drilled Bell Piers – Drilled to a depth of 10 to 12 feet, twelve inch diameter shafts secure older foundations or lighter structures.
Pressed Pilings – Hydraulically pressed segmented system of concrete piers pressed into the ground by the weight of the structure.

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