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RS Foundations, Dallas Foundation repair Arlington Foundation Repair Youtube Video Looking for foundation repair Dallas, foundation repair Arlington, foundation repair Fort Worth, foundation Repair Lewisville, we repair foundations in the surrounding areas and have been repairing foundations for over 20 years. Call for your FREE “No Obligation” estimate today! Tel: (469) 583-3133 We strive to provide the highest quality of service & products at the lowest possible prices. We are very competitive and will give you a foundation repair at a low cost with a life time transferable warranty. We are top rated with the Better Business Bureau and provide free estimate for your foundation repairs. Call us and see why most of Dallas prefers us. We do most jobs in one day. Dallas Foundation Repair (469) 583-3133 Fort Worth Foundation Repair Plano Foundation Repair Arlington Foundation Repair Lewisville Foundation Repair All of our customers are satisfied Learn More About Us At:

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Safe Basements Wall Anchors – Foundation Repair SafeBasements™ offers the most innovative and highest quality solutions for your Basement Wall Cracks, Foundation Repair, and Wet Basement problems. Our patented designs are matched by our lifetime guarantee against installation defects. Contact SafeBasements™ to begin fixing your foundation or wet basement issues. We have dealers stationed all across the country for your service needs. Learn More About Us At:

Homemade Jack Screws to Level House – Foundation repair

Homemade Jack Screws to Level House – Foundation repair Jack screw – screw jack however you say it ; easy way to save a lot of money. I priced the factory manufactured ones at Lowe’s and they were around 30 bucks each. I have about .50 into each one. 3/4 inch steel all thread 3/4 inch gas/butane pipe for house 3X3 plate steel and 3/4 inch nuts (the most expensive part). I made 40 in one day, so not too hard to do. Learn More About Us At:

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Pier And Beam Foundation Repair Dallas 972-843-5013 Pier And Beam Foundation Repair Dallas provides method for those who have foundation problems and gives top standard of Customer Satisfaction possible. For remarkable foundation repair, pier and beam expert, contact or stop by at Identify Foundation Problems Through Dallas Foundation Repair Pros Every Homeowner wants their home to look nice for several reasons. Homes are big investments. A nice house looks appealing and it can raise property values. Homeowners spend a large amount of time planning renovations for their home. Great care is taken in making sure details large and small are perfect. Contractors are called for price quotes and magazines are searched through for renovation ideas. Despite making plans for windows, fixtures, and other home features, most people do not consider their foundation structure. Before doing any home renovations, it is important to make sure your foundation is in stable condition. If the foundation is not stable, the house can collapse. If you notice any foundation problems, you should hire a foundation repair company to fix your foundation problems. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to identify foundation problems before they occur. Most people know to look for cracks inside the home, but they do not know what causes cracks in a home’s foundation Finding issues with a slab foundation is difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. Regular checking will catch pier and beam foundation problems before they have a chance to cause damage to the house’s structure. Here a few things you should look for to help you spot foundation problems before they escalate into bigger problems with the home’s structure. The Surrounding Soil The soil surrounding a home directly affects the foundation. The soil is placed before the construction of the home begins. Most homes are built on dry soil or expansive soil. The soil expands when it is wet, which causes strain on the home’s foundation. Problems can also occur with dry soil. If the soil is dry, it can fracture the base of the foundation. Strain or fractures in the inside of the home’s foundation can damage the inside of the home. A foundation repair company can assess and repair the damage. Nearby Large Trees Trees provide shade, but they can also cause damage. The roots of large trees can puncture the base of a house. Tree roots can cause a multitude of problems with a home’s foundation. Because of the potential for damage, homeowners should make sure that trees kept at a distance away from the house. Leaks and water build up Moisture build up can damage the home. Moisture can come from rain or a sprinkler system. Homeowners should check their gutters and other areas of their home that can store water. The water should drain away from the house. The sprinkler system should also be checked to make sure it doesn’t have any leaks. Homeowners should do everything possible to make sure water does not stagnate… Continue Reading

Foundation repair with Chockfast grout of a reciprocating compressor

Foundation repair with Chockfast grout of a reciprocating compressor During the video, you will observe the initial condition of the foundation of a reciprocating compressor Nuovo Pignone Model 5HF / 4, at the facilities of the company “Soluciones Químicas para el Campo y la Industria” in Minatitlán city (México), with the common problems to be found on an old cementious foundation: cracks, internal contamination with water, chemicals and oil, lack of proper anchoring due to inefficiency of bolts, cold joints and lack of contact with the bottom of the machine. All this was leading to an excessive vibration of the compressor until the point of losing 45% of its effective capacity, limiting production. The full repair procedure which was recommended by SINTEMAR ( can be seen in the video: extraction of anchor bolts, injection of Chockfast Red Liquid epoxy resin at high pressure from the inside of the foundation, achieving the expel from the cracks of residual oil, water or chemicals, filling them with epoxy resin and the recovering the monolithic foundation. Also, all damaged and contaminated concrete is removed until getting finding a solid and healthy foundation where to start restoring the grout. After eliminating the factors that prevent a good anchoring of the compressor, new bolts were installed and the foundation was restored using the epoxy grout CHOCKFAST Red, ideal for this type of dynamic equipment, as it will keep the alignment indefinitely, and absorb much of the vibrations produced by the reciprocating compressor – given its high coefficient of elasticity – and protecting the concrete below of undesired filtrations. Learn More About Us At:

House foundation repair Part 3 – Drain tile and waterproofing

House foundation repair Part 3 – Drain tile and waterproofing This video offers a look at the excavation around my house foundation. It gives viewers an idea of expected repairs if their basement or foundation is leaking water etc. Part 3 shows the exposed drain tile, concrete repair and waterproofing. This is Part 3 and I anticipate five parts: 1) Concrete breaking; 2) Excavation; 3) Foundation repair (patching and waterproofing;) 4) Drain tile and gravel; and 5) Top layer sand and pavers. Learn More About Us At:

Lowest Price On Pier And Beam House Leveling & Foundation Repair (512) 636-9410

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Slabjacking a Driveway Douglas Foundation Repair | Mudjacking | Slab Leveling

Slabjacking a Driveway Douglas Foundation Repair | Mudjacking | Slab Leveling Contact Douglas Foundation Repair 512-291-0709 | [email protected] Slabjacking, or mudjacking, a driveway or pool patio is easy and painless, cost effective, and an environmentally friendly way to raise a sunken concrete slab. Slab leveling and slabjacking is a quick and affordable process. Let the professionals at Douglas Foundation Repair show you how simple and effective this procedure is. Watch as the Douglas Foundation Repair team of specialists bring this slab back to level in minutes. Proudly serving Austin, Texas and surrounding areas! Visit us online at: Learn More About Us At:

Foundation Crack Repair Video by Emecole

Foundation Crack Repair Video by Emecole How to repair foundation cracks with epoxy or polyurethane foam. This foundation repair method is fast and easy. There is no need for outside soil excavation, concrete drilling or expensive equipment. The entire repair is done from inside the basement or crawlspace. This method, called low pressure crack injection, was specifically designed for the foundation repair and waterproofing industry and has become the preferred method of repairing basement cracks by some of the top waterproofing contractors in the U.S. Use polyurethane for typical leaky basement cracks and epoxy for cracks that need structural reinforcement. For more information, please visit our website at or give us a call at 800-844-2713. Learn More About Us At: