hydraulic cement foundation repairs, Oops forgot the mic, freeway noise

hydraulic cement foundation repairs, Oops forgot the mic, freeway noise hydraulic cement foundation repairs, forgot the mic, freeway noise Hello ambitious dudes and dudettes who are interested in learning how to do it yourself, now possibly you can. How? stay on this channel, we have well over 700 popular plaster videos in fact we have been called, home of the worlds most Popular plastering, rendering, and applications of all cement plastering as well as stucco videos, this one explains things like what is hydraulic cement and why is it used for foundation repairs, In this video we forgot the mic, and we were 15 feet from a freeway, a big no, no, or the big O,ops, or just plain dang! I have been considering to delete this one for 2 months but since it was my daughters lulie’s birthday decided to hit the o.k. button. The sound is annoying but thats life in the real world. Has old Kirk matched every finish since I started in this trade well over 30 years? No, no one can do that, but experience with two and three coat finishes and a lot of time in can show the average stucco guy what type of sand was used,if was a cementitious, acrylic or a synthetic stucco system which was applied and in what way, making it easier to match the new texture into the existing. I go into details about tools and their use, plus explain and show a variety of useful plastering tips. With a small bit of attention you can and will save cash, create a sense of euphoria and sleep well knowing, no problemo, I did this repair myself. Save cash, great workout, sense of accomplishment, what more in life does a righteous person desire? Old Kirk says, material knowledge is 70% of being a well rounded plasterer, The other 30% is application. http://www.StuccoPlastering.com Home of the worlds most Popular plastering, rendering, and applications of all cement plastering as well as stucco videos stucco nerd, plaster geek, need a life stucco dude hydraulic cement foundation repairs, forgot the mic, freeway noise Teaching the world how to apply render one video at a time. Thanks for watching and have groovy day! hydraulic cement foundation repairs, Popular lath stucco video, popular lath video, popular stucco and wall video, popular stucco and lathing video, popular plastering videos, popular stucco videos, popular rendering videos, popular stucco lath videos Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com

Foundation Specialist LLC Shotcrete Foundation Repair

Foundation Specialist LLC Shotcrete Foundation Repair Foundation Specialist LLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan specializes in foundation repair and replacement services. We use Shotcrete to repair many foundation problems. Visit our website at www.foundationspecialistmi.com for more information about our foundation repair services or call us at (616) 438-0551 today. Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com

Chimney Foundation Repair Footing Sinking Underpin & Wall Dowels

Chimney Foundation Repair Footing Sinking Underpin & Wall Dowels Chimney foundation repair one method of Stabilizing a settling chimney footing. .Dean Brandhagen Chimney Services http://flue.guru WETT Certified Wood heat professional, Red Seal Journeyman Bricklayer Journeyman Bricklayer and Carpenter with 40 years Hands on Trade and Contracting Experience, Certified WETT Chimney,Wood stove and Fireplace Inspections for insurance and mortgage loans, Repairs and Installations Woodburning Systems Adviser – Consultations and Inspections Chimney Sweep and Chimney Consultations, Inspections and Installations Wood Burning System Inspections, Installations, Repairs and Restorations Proudly Serving the Greater Victoria BC Area – Saanich, Saanichton, Brentwood, Central Saanich, Willis Point, North Saanich, Sidney, Sooke, East Sooke, Metchosin, Colwood, Langford, Highlands, Vic West, View Royal, Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Western Communities British Columbia. We are familiar with these Wood Burning Appliances, Chimneys and accessories: Auber Flue Gas Thermometers, BIS, AGA, Blaze King, Brunco, Century, CFA, Canterbury, Coalbrookdale, Daley, Drolet, Dutchwest, Elmira, Englander, Enviro Fire, Enterprise, Excel Chimney, Fawcett, Fisher, HearthStone, Heartland, Heatilator, Hevac, ICC, Jacuzzi, Jotul, Kent, Kodiak, Lopi, Majestic Fireplaces, Marco, Napoleon, Osburn, Oliver McLeod, Orley, Pacific Energy, Pinehill, Petit Godin, Regency, Resolute, RSF, Savannah, SBI, Security Chimney Products, Scan Anderson, Seefire, Sherwood Industries, Superior, Simpson DuraVent Duraliner, Triumph, Tuluviki, Ultra black Stovepipe & Certified Wall Pass throughs, Valor, Vermont Castings, Waterford, Z Flex liners and Liner Insulation, and many other woodstoves and appliances.. Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com

Foundation Repairs- Chance Helical Piers

Foundation Repairs- Chance Helical Piers For stabilizing foundations or retrofitting to increase load capacity, CHANCE Piles are installed at intervals around the perimeter at affected locations. Independent of the structure, the piles are extended to depths which attain the installing torque correlated to the required load bearing capacity. Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com

Quality Press Pilling Pier On House Leveling And Foundation Repair (512) 636-2045

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Crawl Space Foundation Repair Denver

Crawl Space Foundation Repair Denver Crawl Space Foundation Repair A pier and beam/crawl space foundation is exactly what it sounds like. It is a foundation structure design where concrete piers/blocks sit on a concrete footing or sits directly on the ground. Pier & Beam /Crawl Space Work The piers typically sit on concrete footings or on the ground, and are evenly spaced underneath the structure to balance the load. The weight of the structure is transferred to the beams, which transfers it to the piers, and so on. This design includes a crawl space, an open area below the floor, so access is available if issues arise that require repair. Because the pier and beam/crawl space foundations are made of wood, they are susceptible to lumber deterioration over time. In addition, the footings that provide support are generally shallow — and therefore subject to substantial soil movements (relating to changes in the soil’s moisture content). Problems That Can Occur: These are not the only problems associated with crawl space/pier and beam structures, but they are the most prevalent. The “good” news about repairing and leveling a pier and beam foundation is that it is adjustable by nature of the design and the work can usually be done without relocation of tenants or furnishings. Since this system is considered a shallow foundation, it is subject to the effects of soil movement. As soil shifts, the structure becomes unlevel and distorted. This movement can occur over long periods of time, or sometimes very quickly. Soil Movement Here is what we do: Work to control the soil’s moisture content. It starts with drainage corrections — no water should be allowed to enter the crawl space or stand/accumulate around the exterior of the crawl space. It is imperative that the crawl space remains dry. Moisture Barrier in the crawl space. This is done by placing a heavy plastic vapor barrier over the ground under the structure and extending it up along the perimeter walls. During periods of prolonged drought, add moisture to the soil. This can be done by utilizing “soaker” hoses periodically. When a crawl space/pier and beam structure experiences deterioration, it is time to replace the wooden members. Typically though, not all of the floor framing system requires replacement, but may be limited to only affected areas. Replacement of the structural members can often be very complex, and can require temporary shoring to support the structure while damaged materials are being replaced. Inexperienced companies often choose to add on to the deteriorating members instead of removing and replacing. This can lead to improper load distribution and support of structural members and should be avoided. Shimming/Re-leveling Once all deteriorated lumber has been removed and replaced — and steps have been taken to control the soil’s moisture content — the structure can be re-leveled, or “shimmed.” Perfect results, in terms of floor flatness, are not always practical. This is because the distortion the floor framing system has experienced often has occurred over many years,… Continue Reading

Steel & Cement Pile Foundation Repair Method

Steel & Cement Pile Foundation Repair Method See how a steel cement pile foundation repair method works. Double steel rods reinforced with cement piles are built for extreme pressure. Hydraulics are used to push the cement piles into the ground. 800-405-8880 www.foundationrepairs.com SCRIPT: HI I’m Fred Marshall with Advanced Foundation repair. I’m here to today to talk to you about concrete pilings. The patented Pro-lift foundation repair system has numerous unique advantages. The sections of each concrete pilling are connected to each other with two grade 40 steel bars. The pilings with no connectors or with flexible cable connectors are easily bent or deflected. To provide additional strength the bars are cemented into place as they are installed. Cementing the connecting bars to the pilling allows the lower portions of each pilling to act as an anchor that helps to resist uplift. Using two steel bars doubles the reinforcing effect of the steel. Concrete pilings are installed using simple but powerful hydraulic equipment to push each section into the ground. Once the pilings will not go any deeper it’s time to stop adding pilling sections. Because concrete pilings are 6 inches in diameter and have rough surfaces they take a lot of pressure to install. Concrete pilings work best in deep soft wet clay soils. If you think you have foundation problems or need pilings call the experts at advanced foundation repair (214)333-0003. Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com

Foundation Repair Phoenix – (602) 456-7722 – Concrete Repair

Foundation Repair Phoenix – (602) 456-7722 – Concrete Repair For foundation repair, Arizona Foundation Solutions in the number one choice. We’re a foundation repair company, so we investigate and provide a report that documents the problem. And then we provide solutions. In Arizona I would say the biggest problem is expansive soils that get wet and expand. You can easily tell by first just looking at cracks in the drywall, doors and windows out of square, and if your floors are sloped. Those are the general easy warning signs to help you know that there’s something going on with the soil underneath your foundation. We find that old houses, new houses and everything in between—there’s really no set age that houses can have problems. One of our consultants will go out and do an initial look for free. If it’s a real simple issue, we’ll document it, and give a price right there on the spot. If we feel like there’s some analysis that needs to be done, then we pass it on to our engineering team and they come out and do a full engineered analysis. We’re the only repair company with an in-house licensed engineer on staff. We like to do a very thorough, careful, scientific engineer, impartial balanced report that documents the problem carefully. And we want to present solutions that are effective for the homeowner. At that point then we go back in with our teams and perform the work. The majority of our work is with homeowners. We do a fair amount of commercial work—shopping centers, office buildings—usually it’s new construction or add-ons. We have great experiences with customers because it’s our goal to “wow” every single one of them. We invite you to come and give us a call and have a great experience with us. Arizona Foundation Solutions 3841 E. Superior Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 456-7722 http://www.foundationrepairsaz.com Our Tucson Office: http://www.foundationrepairtucson.com Our Commercial Foundation Repair website: http://www.azrm.net Blog: http://www.foundationrepairsaz.com/about-us/our-blog.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArizonaFoundationSolutions/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arizona-foundation-solutions BBB Review: http://www.bbb.org/phoenix/business-reviews/foundation-repair-and-house-leveling/arizona-foundation-solutions-llc-in-phoenix-az-88002052/ TV Interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9uKPbjs1IE&list=PLQjDY1STvyEpjDD84pEpmLjj_LR2LfzFS Customer Testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6yM4XLzALs&list=PLQjDY1STvyEr2soHX5IsUjGbCZZHrCiNc Foundation Repair Services Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc0yCCUec_M&list=PLQjDY1STvyEqw9r9uBmabfWnfaGJjL45M The Importance of Home Radon Testing in Arizona: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmYl-50kONs Spiral Cut Lead Tip developed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdbdkgrkHxg&feature=youtu.be Foundation Repair Learning Center: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr0yP9m5HS0&list=PLF5BB891722FE2826 Foundation Supportworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6H5-yyapvk&list=PL35E388463759C85C National Foundation Repair Association: http://www.foundationrepair.org Phoenix, Arizona wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix,_Arizona Yelp Reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/arizona-foundation-solutions-phoenix Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Foundationrepairtucson/posts Google Reviews: https://plus.google.com/107206239405859874842/videos Home Advisor Reviews: http://www.homeadvisor.com/rated.ArizonaRamJackLLC.2065857.html AZ Central Review: http://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/abg/2015/04/29/foundation-repair-company-turns-dilemma-opportunity/26573267/ Yahoo Local Reviews: https://local.yahoo.com/info-169218435-arizona-foundation-solutions-phoenix?csz=Phoenix%2C+AZ&stx=Radon+Management Maricopa County Home Shows listing: http://maricopacountyhomeshows.com/home-improvement-referrals/arizona-foundation-solutions/ Rosie On The House interviews Bob Brown: https://www.rosieonthehouse.com/partner?id=91&view=partner Ethical Arizona Listing: http://www.ethicalaz.com/Arizonafoundationsolutionsllc MapQuest Directions: http://www.mapquest.com/us/arizona/business-phoenix/arizona-foundation-solutions-288137564/print https://www.youtube.com/user/azfoundationsolution Foundation Repair Phoenix Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com

Customer Review | Seepage | Mold | Foundation Repair | The Basement Doctor | Columbus Ohio

Customer Review | Seepage | Mold | Foundation Repair | The Basement Doctor | Columbus Ohio http://www.mybasementdoctor.com/our-team/testimonials Jane Wood, of Columbus Ohio, had some major problems in her basement. She saw The Basement Doctor commercials with Ron Greenbaum and decided since we had been in business since 1987, we obviously knew what we were doing and do it well. Ryan Bolin, Project Manager, visited the home and identified some serious issues. water was penetrating the concrete foundation walls through numerous cracks and around old windows. The leaks and seepage were weakening the foundation and causing mold to grow. Ryan determined that the home needed glass block windows, The Force I-Beam tension loaded foundation repair system and Basement Doctor epoxy for the mold. As you can see in this video and hear from our customer, this home is drier, cleaner, safer, healthier and more energy efficient. She feels safer in her home now. Jane Wood trusted The Basement Doctor and you can too. When you call The Basement Doctor, you know you’ve called the right place. Everyone on our team is an expert in their field and all of us want to help you achieve a drier, cleaner, healthier, safer, more energy efficient home. We have been helping Ohio homeowners and businesses with their wet basements, damp crawlspaces, mold problems, foundation and structural issues as well as finishing and remodeling since 1987. They have trusted The Basement Doctor and you can too. Call or visit our website today to schedule your FREE estimate! 1-877-264-9050 Proudly Servicing Central Ohio, Columbus, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, New Albany, Blacklick, Pataskala, Whitehall, Bexley, Westerville, Worthington, Powell, Delaware, Lewis Center, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Grove City, Groveport, Canal Winchester and many other cities. Learn More About Us At: http://www.newfreedomfoundation.com