Compare Foundation Repair Methods Plano Texas (214) 234-8421

Compare Foundation Repair Methods Plano Texas (214) 234-8421 Compare Foundation Repair Methods Plano Texas (214) 234-8421 Bell Bottom Piers – preferred by Structural Engineers Bell Bottom Piers – 4x stronger (load capacity) than concrete cylinders Bell Bottom Piers – time-tested, proven and Permanent Call us now at (214) 234-8421! Dawson Foundation Repair 7840 Carr St Dallas TX 75227 (214) 234-8421 Foundation Repair in Plano, Texas [Foundation Repair in Plano] ( Learn More About Us At:

National Foundation Repair Mudjacking

National Foundation Repair Mudjacking Mud Jacking is a safe and cost effective method of leveling misaligned concrete slabs. By injecting a slurry of river sand and portland concreteunder a lower level concrete slab, two uneven slabs can then be restored to their original position. We raise and stabilize: Sidewalks Parking Lots Driveways Patios Steps Ramps Warehouse Floors Loading Docks Pool Decks Garage Floors Interior slabs Exterior Slabs We can eliminate tripping hazards around your home and business! Let us level your misaligned concrete slabs for a fraction of the cost of breakingout and repouring concrete. Learn More About Us At:

Steel Push Piers For Foundation Repair Installation Video

Steel Push Piers For Foundation Repair Installation Video Steel push piers are the most common foundation repair product used today. And when it comes to foundation repair, Earth Contact Products (ECP) is “The Very Best” manufacturer in the industry. From our family of foundation underpinning products to our concentric and eccentric steel resistance piers, you can count on ECP to provide products that are Designed and Engineered to Perform. The ECP Steel Pier™ belongs to a family of patented foundation repair products that are sometimes referred to as micro piles, push piers, or resistance piers. The patented ECP Steel Pier is the standard for all piering methods in the foundation repair industry and the top choice for professional foundation repair contractors. Earth Contact Products offers two basic engineered designs of our patented steel push pier. The concentric pier, installs directly below the footing or load, and the eccentric pier, which installs to the side of the intended load. Due to a large amount of engineering and field trials both systems work equally well in their basic duty of supporting a foundation load. It is generally the unique application that determines which model of steel pier, not the design of the pier itself. Learn More About Us At:

Foundation Repair San Diego, Dallas to New York City

Foundation Repair San Diego, Dallas to New York City Foundation repair contractors from San Diego to New York City. Http:// We have 29 years and four patents revolutionizing the foundation repair industry for homeowners and contractors in San Diego, La Jolla and North County. Our foundation repair systems are available for contractors from San Diego, Dallas to New York City. If you have cracks in your walls, Sure Safe is your #1 choice for advanced foundation repair technology. We are the only choice for Division of State Architect Approval for Department of Housing Commercial Offices and re-locatable classrooms. That’s because no one does it better! The Sure Safe® Steel Buttress repair technology was originally developed for manufactured re-locatable classrooms and manufactured homes. In 1998, we first started using this technology on crawl space homes with unbelievable success. It doesn’t matter how old your home is, we have repaired crawl space homes built as far back as 1887 to current, and they all have one thing in common; very happy homeowners. We are the only company in the United States today that can install a poured in place foundation without moving or lifting the home. And get this, we can do the repair in as little as one day (in most cases) for as little as 1/3rd the cost of other companies using outdated techniques. If you have foundation repair issues with your crawl space home, we can help. Sure Safe® has developed an integrated, patented technology the experts are calling the most innovative structural settlement solution for crawl space homes today. Learn More About Us At:

CenTex Foundation Repair Austin

CenTex Foundation Repair Austin Foundation repair sounds big and scary. Truth is, it’s usually not as bad as you think. About a third of the homes we inspect don’t need any work at all. If that’s the case, that’s what we tell you. But if you do need some repairs, it might be helpful to know the average Centex job totaled ,646.65 last year. Didn’t you think it would be a little higher? Most do. We have local offices in Austin, San Antonio and Waco, Texas. If you live within 30 miles of our coverage areas, call for a free evaluation and estimate. Its a pretty straight-forward deal-honest opinion, professional and tidy crew, third-party evaluations, transferable warranties – the whole enchilada. We’ve been at it since 1992. Probably helped your neighbor at some point. Find out by entering your zip code into the Reference box at Things just dont feel right when they’re out of balance. Give us a call. We’ll shoot ya straight. We’re on the level! Learn More About Us At:

Basement, Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in NC: Tar Heel Basement Systems – About Us

Basement, Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in NC: Tar Heel Basement Systems – About Us | 1-336-916-2150 Meet Pete Burgess, owner of Tar Heel Basement Systems. In this video Pete talks about his company, and the amazing journey that took his company from its humbles beginnings as a small, home based business to one of North Carolina’s most trusted provider of crawl space, basement and foundation waterproofing and repair services. Pete moved from Chicago to North Carolina at the age of 50 to retire and relax. A few months later, “bored out of his mind” according to him, Pete decided to start working again and was hired by a local builder, from whom he learned much of his trade. One day he read an article by Larry Janesky on Fine Home Building Magazine about crawl space encapsulation and thought the approach of sealing a crawl space to protect it from mold, moisture and decay, made complete sense. He then had the crawl space of his own home encapsulated, and he liked the results so much that he decided to go into business, selling and advocating the practice throughout the state. The business boomed and today Tar Heel Basement Systems is a large, successful operation, that is constantly growing and hiring and has since then branched out to provide basement waterproofing, foundation structural repair, and more recently, concrete lifiting and leveling with PolyLEVEL™. . Learn More About Us At:

House Foundation Repair Austin TX 512-363-7769 Quality Foundation House Foundation Repair Austin TX

House Foundation Repair Austin TX 512-363-7769 Quality Foundation House Foundation Repair Austin TX House Foundation Repair Austin TX Call 512-363-7769 Quality Foundation Repair provides house foundation repair in Austin Texas. If your house has sloping floors and sticking doors and windows, then you may be in need of house foundation repair. Contact Simon Wallace of Quality Foundation Repair for a comprehensive house foundation evaluation. Call Simon Wallace for more information about house foundation repairs in Austin TX (512) 363-7769 ‎ Quality Foundation Repair Home 9906 Gray Blvd Austin, TX 78758 Foundations Not What They Used To Be? We guarantee fast solutions for pier and beam foundation problems that will save you time and money. Fast Solutions — because we are specialists, working only on pier and beam foundations, we can quickly diagnose the problem. Saving Time and Money — less time on the job, means money saved Hi there I’m Simon Wallace and I’m the owner of quality foundation repair we are based 00:07 here in austin texas since 2006. Here in central Texas, there are two main types of foundations. the concrete slab on grade and pier and beam 00:17 and pier and beam foundations are what we specialize in fact we’re the only 00:21 company that only works on pier and beam foundations you can find out more information about the type of work and previous jobs we’ve 00:28 done before as our website which is can also call us directly at (512) 363-7769 so if it’s anything to do with pier and beam foundations you’ve is rotten beans that need to be replaced maybe just a level adjustment we always use steel shims and we also includes steel beams as well as steel piers families in everything that was so has anything to do with pier and beam foundations would be happy to help if you’re free estimate detail the valuation of your foundation Quality Foundation Repair Austin, TX (512) 363-7769 9906 Gray Blvd Austin, TX 78758 House Foundation Repair Austin TX Learn More About Us At: