Foundation Repair Keeps Your Whole Home Sound – Don’t Let Settling Or Cracking Destroy Your House!

Foundation Repair Keeps Your Whole Home Sound – Don’t Let Settling Or Cracking Destroy Your House! transcript Your foundation is the footing on which the rest of your home sits-so when it has problems, so does the rest of your house! Over time, soil settlement, heavy rains, or other ground movement issues can create problems for even well-designed foundations. Cracking, crumbling, and settling in your foundation causes structural instability and spells serious trouble for your home. If not resolved efficiently and effectively, foundation failure can trigger building collapse! Contact your local foundation contractors if you’re concerned your foundation may be compromised. Indications of foundation settling, cracking, and bowing can crop up inside and outside your home. A few common signs to watch for can include: Bowing, bulging or leaning foundation walls Stair step cracks in masonry Basement leaks, water stains, and musty smells Sticking windows and doors Cracking brick veneer, masonry, or walls Tilting, leaning, or collapsing chimneys If your basement, foundation, or home is demonstrating any of these symptoms, you need to have your house assessed by a professional ASAP. Sadly, your foundation will continue to deteriorate until repairs are implemented, so don’t wait to seek help. Depending on your problems, foundation repair can take a variety of different forms. Listed below are a few of the most common: Foundation Crack Repair: When your foundation has visible cracks, it creates an opening for water to seep in-encouraging mold growth and creating the potential for even more damage through freezing and expansion. Foundation crack repair is actually quite straightforward: your contractors will use an epoxy filler to seal up the crack, preventing the crack from expanding as well as keeping water out. Foundation Jack Wall Repair: If the walls of your foundation bowed, crumbling, or cracking, they’re no longer able to support the full weight of your home, creating a major stability problem. Using jacks and reinforcing beams, both poured and cement block walls with displacement issues can be realigned and correct. By leaving support beams in place even after your walls are straightened, your foundation is fortified for extra support and to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Foundation Piering: For vertical foundation settlement problems, the answer is generally piering. Using underground supports, your foundation contractors can actually lift your foundation back to its original position, and keep it there! Pressure piering and helical piering are used for soil situations, so depending on the composition of your property, one may be more appropriate than then other. Your foundation repair contractors will create a customized plan to safely and effectively lift and support your foundation to resolve your settling issues. Basement Waterproofing: Water is bad news for your foundation. From musty smells and mold growth to freezing-based expansion and contraction, water in your basement can lead to serious foundation problems. Basement waterproofing solutions can help resolve these problems before they develop, draining the water away from your foundation before it enters your home. Regardless of the nature, cause, or severity of… Continue Reading

How to Raise/Lift a House – A Foundation Repair, Build, Find ? WTF ?

How to Raise/Lift a House – A Foundation Repair, Build, Find ? WTF ? First of all, what other Foundation Repair Company could have pulled this one off? None! This one is an original Daniel J OConnor design and only Hydroarmor Systems could have figured this one out and fixed it! An Engineer might have figured out what was wrong but even when MY Engineer came to look at it he asked how I’d fix it. I did a simple drawing, explanation and he drew it up for the permit. Yes I applied but whilst waiting the 2 weeks for them to figure it out I just went ahead and did the job. I left this one and did another job, the permit was approved but I waited a few days before calling for an inspection. I didn’t even bother to be there when the rough was inspected and yes approved to go ahead. And people, I go out on an estimate like this, figure it out right then and there, give a price and write up the Contract. My intention then is to leave the paperwork and whenever someone wants to go ahead they can call me. Could anyone else do that? Most of the time I get the go ahead before I leave. I have my Engineer come to these kind of jobs after so he can see what the hell I intend to do and then draw it up. That’s respect people. If a customer has their own Engineer I won’t even bother looking at whatever they drew up and won’t take the job unless it’s done my way. Ego? Really? Who’s responsible to make it work? Who gets blamed if something goes wrong? Not the pencil pusher that’s for sure… Learn More About Us At:

Foundation Repair Houston TX (713) 668-2110 – Steel Rebar

Foundation Repair Houston TX (713) 668-2110 – Steel Rebar Foundation Repair Houston TX (713) 668-2110 All Bell Bottom Piers installed during the foundation repair process are reinforced with steel rebar. The steel rebar will give the pier maximum strength and permanency. We offer foundation repair in Houston, Texas using the Bell Bottom Pier method of repair because it is time tested, proven, and PERMANENT. Leveling homes in Texas since 1984. Our web site offers engineering studies, arbitration warnings, online testimonials, comparison of methods of foundation repair, cost comparisons of different methods, and more. Free Inspections. Dawson Foundation Repair 6906 Chetwood Houston TX 77081 (713) 668-2110 Learn More About Us At:

Foundation Repair Burke VA | Basement Repair NOVA

Foundation Repair Burke VA | Basement Repair NOVA foundation repair burke virginia northern virginia NOVA 571-234-6366 24/7. We repair major damage, deterioration, black mold, crawl space repairs, beam & pier systems, sump pumps, French drains, wet basements, crumbling walls, smartjacks, and much more. We specialize in historic, residential, and commercial repairs. Don’t leave your building’s most important maintenance to anyone else! Learn More About Us At:

foundation repair corpus christi

foundation repair corpus christi USA Foundation Repair can cover both commercial & residential foundation repair services in Corpus Christi. • Foundation Repair • Home Leveling • Plumbing Re-Routes • French Drains, General Drainage Issues If you are in need of any general services, commercial or residential foundation repair fer contact Corpus Christi today and we will get back with you immediately. USA Foundation Repair 4610 Ayers St. Corpus Christi, TX 78415 (361) 239-5532 #foundationrepaircorpuschristi Learn More About Us At:

Foundation Repair – How to Install I BEAMS vs Carbon Fiber Strips

Foundation Repair – How to Install I BEAMS vs Carbon Fiber Strips A long awaited “I” Beam job. The last time I installed “I” Beams I made a video solely for use on estimates. Needless to say that video totally sucks. I made that one BEFORE there WAS A YOU TUBE. I put the raw footage on “PHOTO BUCKET” in case I lost it. A few years went bye before I editing and my editing was – So here’s the reality between Carbon Fiber Strips and “I” Beams and MY PRICEING for an “I” Beam is costs LESS THAN a Carbon Fiber Strip. horizontal Learn More About Us At:

Iowa Foundation Repair-Spray Foam Insulation-Crawlspace Encapsulation-Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa Foundation Repair-Spray Foam Insulation-Crawlspace Encapsulation-Des Moines, Iowa Crawlspace encapsulation. This old house is in Ankeny, IA. just north of Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa Foundation Repair insulated the rim joists with a closed cell spray foam and then encapsulated the floor and the walls with a Bright White Vapor Barrier. There was also an IFR Sump System and a Santa Fe Dehumidier installed. Learn More About Us At:

YTP- HoH SiS Shits on Your Foundation Repair

YTP- HoH SiS Shits on Your Foundation Repair A poop inspired by cs188 and his infamous joj/hoh sis videos. Sorry the ending’s kind of abrupt, I was just a little tapped out and couldn’t think of anything else. Well, hopefully it turned out decently. Learn More About Us At:

Resistance Pier-Iowa Foundation Repair-Des Moines, Iowa

Resistance Pier-Iowa Foundation Repair-Des Moines, Iowa Iowa Foundation Repair is installing a 3″ Resistance Pier also called a push pier. This house was just southeast of Des Moines, Iowa. The house was approximately 38 years old and had settled just 1″. Iowa Foundation Repair installed these Resistance Piers for stabilization only. Learn More About Us At: