Extreme Heaving Floor Cracks – Foundation Settlement – Phoenix Arizona

Extreme Heaving Floor Cracks – Foundation Settlement – Phoenix Arizona

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This home has severe foundation settlement with extremely heaving floor cracks throughout this home, and will take tens of thousands of dollars to remediate the damage that has occurred. This home has had roof leaks, broken roof trusses, perimeter of foundation of this home has moved down 1 to 2 inches. This extreme foundation movement is caused by only one thing, exterior saturation of the soil next to an underneath the perimeter foundation. This moisture is not coming from a water break or irrigation around the home. The depth of most home footings from the top of interior floor to the bottom of the support footing where meets the dirt in the Phoenix geographic area, is only 24 inches. Because we live in Arizona which is an arid climate, it hardly ever rains, hardly anyone has rain gutters on their home. The conversation that is left out of this conversation that most people talk about,…. Is our footings only have to go down to undisturbed soil. This definition is written in the footing detail plans from the architect’s drawings.

Most educated engineers have been taught that, the upward heaving of the Interior floors is likely caused by expansive soil, lifting the interior floor causing this foundation issue. Expansive soil is real and has been researched and identified in a large portion of the South and Southeast areas including the Phoenix Arizona region. These cities include Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee and parts of Scottsdale in Arizona.

One particular foundation repair company thinks that they have the right “Solutions” to this issue. To remediate the amount of moisture that they believe is underneath the interior floor of this home, you will need a fan in your attic. What? By drilling a 6 inch hole in your closet through the floor. Escavating a small void underneath the floor, then introducing aeration vents around the perimeter of the foundation. Once completed, the fan is then turned on and will stay on for as long as you live in the home. The whole idea is to draw the warm dry air from outside the home under the floor to dry out the moisture that they think is present that caused this floor heaving to begin with, will reverse the heaving of the expansive soil. This could not be further from the truth. But makes sense to sensible people who are going by an educated engineer, who will be making out that report costing 0. Don’t be fooled. This is only an upsell to you the homeowner. By creating fear and something that makes sense to a sensible person, only to get into your savings. I’ve seen many homes that have had this fan put in their attic. But yet they call me because the problem continues to grow and accelerate.

If something similar to this video is happening to you! Call me. James Belville 602-418-2970 and schedule an appointment. I will show you the evidence around your home that you’re home is saying about itself. The truth is in the pudding. Thanks for watching and have a great day. JB

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